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10 pack Tiromel (T3) Abdi Ibrahim 1000 tab 25mcg

10 pack Tiromel (T3) Abdi Ibrahim 1000 tab 25mcg
10 pack Tiromel (T3) Abdi Ibrahim 1000 tab 25mcg
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Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim

Substance: Liothyronine Sodium

Dosage: 10 pack 1000 tab 25 mcg


Tiromel / Cytomel, known as a powerful and effective drug containing sodium. This drug is offered for sale under the name Tiromel / Cytomel, Tiromel is not classified as an anabolic steroid and used as a thyroid hormone. There is Liothyronine Sodium in medicine similar to the natural thyroid hormone. It increases the level of the thyroid gland in the body. This product is used for the treatment of thyroid diseases and is also used by bodybuilders for high-fat burning.


The drug called T3 contains Sodium Hydroxide has been sold by different names of companies. Cytomel or Tiromel dates back to the 1890s. You can buy Tiromel from us with a delivery guarantee. In the 1890s, veterinary medicine was used for animal bones and organs. In the 1950s it was produced as a synthetic thyroid hormone for use in human medicine. Especially products used to increase athletes performance and have also been used to treat hypothyroidism and have had effective results.

Effects and side effects

Tiromel / Cytomel removes high levels of thyroid hormone by containing in metabolism. T3 is a hormone that accelerates the function of the body. If there is little in the body, it leads to Hypothyroidism and makes fat burning difficult. Come and buy T3 at low prices. In addition, disorders such as hair loss often occur in people with thyroid deficiency.

When Cytomel is used at high doses, fat burning is high. When used at high doses, it strengthens and allows metabolism to work quickly. Especially in women, it has very effective effects. Because women's metabolism works more slowly than men, they take up thyroid hormones and provide fast weight and fat burning.

Tiromel / Cytomel medication is a powerful medication, so there are many side effects. You can find and buy Cytomel via our site. Especially when used at high doses, it may cause head and stomach pain. The most common side effects are sweating. It can also cause severe permanent discomforts like chest pain and heart rhythm disorder. Psychologically, the disease can lead to irritability and cause discomfort to the user in the intestines. When used at high doses, it causes temporary heart failure, chest pain, and hypertrophy. It also causes menstrual disturbances in women.


Tiromel / Cytomel provides effective results when used with anabolic steroids. It is best when used with an effective steroid cycle. With a low-calorie diet, fat burning occurs at maximum levels. However, high doses should be considered.

Usage and dosage

Tiromel / Cytomel must take into account the use of a drug that has a high effect on thyroid hormones. The product, which changes the use in different cycles, should be used for a maximum of 12 weeks. Users should not exceed 100 to 120 mg per day. Especially when used as reinforcement in steroid treatments, the most effective results are 100 to 120 mg. Advanced users must not exceed 150 mg.



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