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Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: ANAPOLBALKAN
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: OxymetholoneDosage: 60 tab 50 mg Anapolon is an anabolic androgenic steroid with very strong effects. This oral steroid, which is generally used for volume increase, is also used to burn fat. Because of a high andro-genetic effect, the expected results c..
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Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: ANASTROBALKAN
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: AnastrozoleDosage: 60 tab 1 mg In the following situations before taking your medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are in any of the following situations: If you are not sure that you have entered menopause, make sure you have had menopause ..
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Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: DANABALKAN
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: MethandienoneDosage: 60 tab 10 mg Danabol is a testosterone-based drug also known as Metandienon in some countries. Designed to be used orally, this anabolic steroid dates back to 1955. Visit our shop and buy Danabol Balkan Pharma with fast and safe del..
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Oxandrolone Balkan Pharma 10mg 60 tab
Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: OXANDBALKAN
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: OxandroloneDosage: 60 tab 10 mg Anavar was created by Dr. Raphael Pappo, an oxandrin brand working at Searle Laboratories. Poppo originally produced Anavar in year 1964 for the treatment of conditions such as rapid weight loss and rapid muscle loss. Sear..
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Strombafort Balkan Pharma 10mg 60 tab (Winstrol)
Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: STROMBABALKAN
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: StanozololDosage: 60 tab 10 mg The main name of this anabolic steroid, commonly referred to as Winstrol, is Stanozolol. Made in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories from dihisrotestosterone, this steroid is also approved by the FDA. Unlike other anabolic steroi..
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Turanabol Balkan Pharma 10mg 60 tab
Brand: Balkan Pharma Model: TURANABALKAN
Manufacturer: Balkan PharmaSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteroneDosage: 60 tab 10 mg Turinabol (Tbol), also called non-bloating Dianabol and is used by professional bodybuilders. The chemical structure of Tbol is similar to the preferred Dianabol for increasing mass gain and strength. Q..
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