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Biopeptide Ipamorelin (1.8mg)

Manufacturer: Lifetech Labs.

Substance: Ipamorelin 

Dosage: 1 vial 1.8 mg


Ipamorelin is one of the safe and versatile GHRPs. This drug stimulates the production of growth hormones in two ways. In this sense, it is the first to increase the natural GH-secreting hormone, which leads to high levels of growth hormone secretion. The second is the suppression of somatostatin hormone, which inhibits the production of growth hormones in the body. Visit us and buy Ipamorelin domestic with fast and safe delivery. In addition, this medication removes all factors that hinder the production of the growth organ and increases the rate of growth hormone production. First developed by Novo Nordisk, Ipamorelin is used not only in medicine but also in the world of sports.

What are the positive effects of Ipamorelin?

The most important positive effect of Ipamorelin is the increase in GH production. However, there are many other positive effects. In the beginning of this is the acceleration of fat burning. This feature of Ipamorelin helps athletes to lose weight without a strict diet prior to competitions. The new lean tissue-forming drug provides the protection of existing lean tissue.

In addition, people using Ipamorelin report that their sleep is much more efficient and deeper. Again users will report a better mood. However, one of the most important effects of the product is the anti-aging effect. For this reason, it is called the fountain of youth.

What are the side effects?

There are also side effects due to the use of Ipamorelin. This product is not an anabolic steroid unlike the usual. This means that the side effects of Ipamorelin are not related to anabolic steroids. The drug has very serious side effects. Possible side effects include; dizziness, headache, injection site wounds and prolactin levels increase. In order to avoid these side effects, a good diet should be made and overdose should be avoided. Visit us and buy peptides domestic with fast shipping. In addition, Ipamorelin does not produce estrogenic side effects compared to many other supplements used in combination with anabolic steroids. This product, which has no androgenic side effects, does not cause any problems as long as it is used carefully.

Usage and dosage

Ipamorelin is available in a freeze-dried form. In order to use the drug, it has to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water. It must also be stored in the refrigerator behind the rebuilding of the drug. Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection may be administered once prepared. If the drug is not used within 30 days, it must be discarded. Come and visit us and buy peptides with fast delivery.
The most ideal Ipamorelin dosage is 200-300 mcg 2-3 times. It is recommended to use this dose before training and at night. The drug should be used for a maximum of 12 weeks, the recommended time and doses should not be exceeded.

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