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Biopeptide Melanotan 2 (1.8mg)

Manufacturer: Lifetech Labs.

Substance: Melanotan

Dosage: 1 vial 1.8 mg


Melanotan-2 is a peptide hormone of the alpha MSH class. The peptide, derived from a synthetic analogue pituitary, is known in particular for its effect on bronzing. However it is not only famous for this property. Because it also helps the erectile function. Melanotan-2, also called MT-2, is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. However, the drug should definitely be stored in a cool place. It should be consumed within 30 days after reconstitution. If not used within this period, the drug should be disposed of appropriately. Visit our site and buy Melanotan 2 with high quality and delivery guarantee. In addition, research on the product yields positive results. As a result of research on subjects, it was found that 17 of 20 subjects increased erection. What are the other effects of Melanotan-2? Are there any side effects? How should it be used?

What are the positive effects of melanotan-2?

Melanotan-2 is a strong peptide hormone with different effects. The most important positive effect is bronzing. Therefore, a darker and deeper tan can be observed in just a few days. At the end of a week, this difference will become more pronounced. One of the most important benefits of Melanotan-2 is its effect on erectile dysfunction. The product may take 4-6 hours to be effective. The timing is of great importance when used in relation to erectile function. However, extreme caution should be exercised. Because overdose can cause skin problems when taken. Come and buy Melanotan domestic from us with fast and safe delivery. Melanotan-2 is especially preferred by anabolic steroid users. Because many anabolic steroids cause androgenic side effects which can cause erectile dysfunction.

What are the side effects?

One of the side effects after Melanotan-2 use is anorexia. Some users experience nausea, vomiting and fatigue. However, the side effects of Melanotan-2 are not limited to these. Because this product can cause hair loss and darkening of the moles. In this case, users need to reduce the dosage of the drug.

Usage and dosage

Melanotan-2 is sold in a lyophilized, ie freeze-dried form. In order to use this product, it must be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water. Again, the drug is preferably injected into the muscle or subcutaneously. It is therefore a useful subcutaneous. In addition, the product must be stored in the refrigerator and disposed if not used within 30 days.

The optimal dosage of Melanotan-2 is 0.5-2 mg. It is especially used to see the effect of 0.5-1 mg. Again, if this product is to be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to inject 0.5-2 mg daily.


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