EQ 300 (Boldenone) Dragon Pharma 10 ml

EQ 300 (Boldenone) Dragon Pharma 10 ml
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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate

Dosage: 10 ml vial (300mg/ml)


Boldenone is used in long cycles for at least 8 - 10 weeks and is a drug that starts to work in the body at the earliest 2 - 3 weeks after use. So you don't have to take 2 doses. Since there is no water retention in the use of Boldenone, volume increase in mass can be achieved. It is commonly used in combination with Tren, Testo combinations and steroids such as Dianabol, Methanabol, Anapolon etc. When combined with non-aromatized steroids such as Boldenone, Halotestin or Winstrol, it can be said that when used in fat burning cycles, it significantly changes muscle masses. Visit our site and buy Boldenone without any problem. Weekly doses should be at least 400mg, it is preferred because it is a mild medicine and its side effects are negligible.

Effects and side effects

An improved protein synthesis: Boldenone increases your protein synthesis to a certain degree, even if not as strong as many other steroids. It can help you achieve weak muscle mass during the definition and help you achieve mild quality gains during volume cycle.
Increased appetite: Boldenon, a veterinary medicine, is produced to help increase the physical mass of horses. They use it for the same reasons in humans. In studies conducted in use, it has been observed that many users have increased appetite.

Reducing stress (glucocorticoid) hormone activity: Boldenone can reduce the effect of certain stress hormones, such as cortisol, which can cause weight loss.
Red blood cell increases: In our last substance, Boldenon is very helpful in the production of new red blood cells, which will help to supply oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs. It can help to maintain a positive balance of nitrogen in nitrogen retention, which helps fuel retention and improves post-exercise healing. Visit our website and buy Equipoise very easy and fast. Although it brings good properties in women, this hormone may have difficulty in controlling blood plasma levels. They disclose that after the discontinuation of use (14 days), because of the very long half-life, the blood plasma levels will be reduced very slowly and the body will gradually turn into hormone elimination. Particularly in female users, they should be very careful when virilization symptoms occur and the hormone needs to be discontinued immediately and strictly consider.

Dosage and usage

For male users: between 300 mg - 800 mg between 8 to 20 weeks once a week. For female users: between 50 mg - 100 mg between 8 to 12 weeks once a week.

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