Lasix tablet

Lasix tablet
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Substance: Furosemide 

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Lasix, also included in the list of the World Health Organization (WHO), is a prescription-based diuretic drug. The drug approved by the FDA in 1982, is still marketed under the name of different brands by the French pharmacy company Sanofi. Lasix, which is used to reduce water retention in the body, is prescribed mainly for patients with impaired kidney function. Visit us and buy Lasix domestic with delivery guarantee and safety. In addition, Lasix has also been used for the treatment of lung hemorrhages on race horses. The drug is still used in both the medical and sports world. So, what are the positive and negative effects of the drug on people? How should it be used?

What are the positive effects of Lasix?

Lasix helps to remove water and salt from the body very quickly. With the use of the drug, salt, water and other molecules in the kidneys are filtered out of the blood and into the tubules of the kidney and become urine. Again, this liquid is reabsorbed into the blood, almost all of the substances before urinating. Also Lasix; It works by blocking sodium, chloride and water absorption from the filtered liquid in the kidney tubules. This results in an increase in urine output.

Lasix is ​​used in the medical field to treat most hypertension and edema. However, medical use is not limited to these. Same time; It is also prescribed for the treatment of hepatic cirrhosis, nephrotic syndrome and severe hypercalcemia.

What are the side effects?

Lasix is ​​a drug that can cause serious side effects as well as benefits. Strong diuretic side effects may occur in this direction. The Lasix side effects include dizziness and sudden cramps in various parts of the body. Side effects, nausea, vomiting, fainting and various circulatory disorders are also among the side effects of users.

A potassium supplement can be taken to avoid these side effects. In addition, these side effects may require medical care. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

Usage and dosage

Lasix is ​​available in injectable and oral versions. Lasix dosage is determined by a physician according to the patient's medical condition and weight. For normal adults, a dosage of 20-80 mg is usually recommended. However, due to the lack of renal functions in patients with severe edema problems, dosages can be increased up to 600 mg / day.
Along with all these, Lasix is ​​also used by bodybuilders shortly before the competitions. Competitors use this medicine two days before the competition to take out excess water and have a body of treasure.

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