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DNP 200mg 30 cap

DNP 200mg 30 cap
DNP 200mg 30 cap
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Manufacturer: Optimum Pharma

Substance: 2.4 Dinitrophenol

Dosage: 30 cap 200 mg


Although DNP has serious side effects, it is a highly effective fat burner. It is known that it works by increasing the heat production in the cells and even the death of small overdoses cause death. Because in case of overdose, cellular dysfunction, irregular breathing and heart rhythm disorder may occur. Visit us and buy DNP from us with high quality and low price. DNP, which was first used by the french for the production of ammunition during the first world war, was later used as wood preservative and herbicide. Nowadays, it is a product used to lose weight fast. So, what exactly is DNP? What effects do it have?

What are the benefits of DNP?

DNP is a highly effective product for weight loss. This situation was supported by fast and safe weight loss reports. DNP can cause a serious increase in basal metabolic rate. Thanks to its fast fat burning feature, it attracts the attention of bodybuilders. Because DNP allows the burning of body fat without the need to do sports. Visit us and buy DNP domestic with high quality and fast delivery. This product is much more effective than other fat burning products used by athletes. Therefore, it is known to be used by athletes who want to burn fat and have lean muscles in a short time. However, although the fat burning effects of DNP are very pleasant, they are known to have very serious side effects.

What are the side effects?

Although DNP accelerates fat burning, it causes serious side effects. These side effects include sweating and dementia. Users reported that they were excessively sweating even in winter. Especially during the summer months during the use of DNP should drink plenty of water and take shower. 

The known DNP side effects include insomnia. Because DNP, as we mentioned before, significantly increases the metabolic rate. This causes sweating as if you are exercising even while you sleep. It causes insomnia. The room must be ventilated or air-conditioned to avoid insomnia. 

The losses of DNP are not limited to these. DNP also causes muscle pain and allergic reaction.

Usage and dosage

The most important point to be considered during the use of DNP is the dose. Because overdose is known to cause death. The dosage of use of the product must be determined by considering the person's body weight. In this sense, the dose should be adjusted to 3-5 mg / kg. It must also be consumed with plenty of water after breakfast.


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