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Geneza Methan 50 (Dinabaol) 50mg 20 tab

Manufacturer: Geneza Pharma

Substance: Methandienone

Dosage: 20 tab 50 mg


Dianabol is a testosterone-based drug also known as Metandienon in some countries. Designed to be used orally, this anabolic steroid dates back to 1955. Visit our shop and buy Dianabol domestic with fast and safe delivery from us. This drug, which was produced by Ciba Pharmaceuticals, was first used in 1956 to increase the performance of Russian athletes in World Games. The steroid produced by Ciba was thus tested. No side effects were observed on the athletes. Following the success of the drug and entering the US market, many athletes started to use Dianabol. This caused steroid abuse. Because the athletes began to rise above the recommended dose.

After Dianabol was abused by athletes, all forms were withdrawn from the market in 1983 with the directive of FDA. Today, it is banned in many countries, especially USA. Nonetheless, Dianabol can be bought by hand by some bodybuilders. There are also some questions in mind of athletes who are considering using Dianabol. So, what are the most curious about Dianabol?

What are the benefits of Dianabol?

Dianabol is a famous steroid among bodybuilders. This steroid causes muscle mass increase in a short time. In case of normal doses, it is possible to obtain 5-6 kilos of muscle mass in 2 months. The reason why it gives muscle mass in a short time is that it helps to store nitrogen which cells need for protein and muscle production. In addition, it increases metabolic activity if used in the recommended doses. Thus, oil-free mass is obtained.

What are the side effects?

Steroids, such as Dianabol, represent a broad group of chemicals that result from artificial fat soluble compounds. Therefore, they can cause many side effects. The common problem of people using Dianabol is hair loss. However, this Dianabol side effect is not experienced by all users. Because baldness is seen in people who are more genetically predisposed to baldness. Therefore, if you think you have a genetic predisposition to baldness, you should not use this steroid. Come and buy Dianabol with delivery guarantee and cheap price. Many users see the effect of Dianabol over a period of 3-6 weeks. The results are clearly evident for those who want to gain strength and gain muscle in a short period of time. For this reason, bodybuilders use this steroid to reach their desired appearance in a short time.


The optimal dosage for men is 20 mg to 30 mg. This dose is very suitable for the start. Advanced bodybuilders can use up to 50 mg per day. There are also athletes who use up to 100 mg per day. However, this dose is not a strictly recommended dose


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