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Geneza Proviron 25mg 20 tab

Manufacturer: Geneza Pharma

Substance: Mesterolone

Dosage: 20 tab 25 mg


Proviron is a product used by men when testosterone deficiency is seen. Testosterone deficiency can cause many problems in males. For this reason, people may start to use Proviron, usually at ages when this hormone begins to decrease. Visit us and buy Proviron from us without any problems. Proviron is also used by athletes and bodybuilders on steroid cycles. The main reason for this is that anabolic steroids suppress the production of natural testosterone.

What are the positive effects of Proviron?

The most important benefit of Proviron is the increase in testosterone, as we mentioned before. Especially when used at a young age, the male hormone is above the level. This leads to increased power and energy. Increasing energy and power allows athletes to practice at higher performance for longer periods of time.

The long training done with Proviron use allows people to develop their body in a short period of time. In addition, the drug does not cause the body to hold water and does not cause edema. Therefore, it is often preferred.

What are the side effects?

Proviron, although a drug that provides testosterone production, there are side effects. Among the most important Proviron side effects are sexual problems. In this respect, male users face long-term erection problems. Long-term erection problems do not only affect people biologically. It also causes them to move away from society.

The long-term erection caused by Proviron may cause severe pain in the groin. If this side effect lasts long, users should consult a doctor instead of hiding it. Otherwise, the pain may increase its severity.

Usage and dosage

Proviron is presented in 25 mg tablets. The drug should be taken orally in two tablets in the course of the day. This is the most ideal dose of Proviron dose. Expected results can be achieved if both patients and athletes use two tablets a day.
In addition, this product is suitable for men only.

Women should absolutely avoid the use of Proviron. Otherwise, some androgenic side effects may occur. One of the most important problems that may be experienced in this direction is excessive hairiness and thickening of the voice. Advanced athletes may also exceed the recommended dose. Athletes using 3 or 4 tablets during the day may experience serious side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to think well before overdosing.


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