16 Week Pro Cut Pre Contest Cycle

16 Week Pro Cut Pre Contest Cycle
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5 vial Geneza Andromix

40 amp Primobolan Depot

28 amp Winstrol Desma

1 kit Hygetropin 200 iu

1 vial Geneza Masteron 100

1 pack Geneza Halotestin 

1 pack Aldactone 25mg

5 pack Geneza Anastrozole



Weeks 1-14: 1ml Andromix every other day

Weeks 1-14: 2iu Hygetropin everyday

Weeks 2-16: 1mg (1tab) Anastrozole everyday

Weeks 7-16: 400mg (4 amp) Primobolan per week

Weeks 13-16: 1 amp (50mg) Winstrol everyday

Weeks 15-16: 1 ml (100mg) Masteron every other day

Week 16: 20mg (2 tab) Halotestin everyday

Weeks 15-16: 50mg Aldactone everyday

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