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Parlodel (Bromocriptine)

Parlodel (Bromocriptine)
Parlodel (Bromocriptine)
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Manufacturer: Meda Pharma
Substance: Bromocriptin 
Pack: 30 tabs  2.5 mg 


Parlodel tablets are white, round, one notched face. Parlodel is available in blister packs containing 30 tablets.
Parlodel contains Bromocriptine as the active substance. Visit our store and buy Parlodel domestic with fast delivery. Bromocriptine is an agent that exhibits dopamine-like activity by binding to one of the receptors to which dopamine, a substance mediating between nerves in the brain, binds to tissues. It also prevents the secretion of prolactin, a hormone that allows milk to be released from the breasts from the anterior lobe of the pituitary, a small gland at the base of the brain. Come and buy Bromocriptine domestic from us with express delivery. Parlodel is used in the treatment of the following conditions:

Parkinson's disease (A nervous system disease that occurs as a result of dopamine deficiency in the brain and its main symptoms are tremor in limbs, stiffness in muscles and slowing of movements. Dopamine is an important substance in the coordination of movements in the brain.)
Prolactinoma (benign tumor that secretes prolactin hormone (milk hormone) in the pituitary gland in the brain.)
Acromegaly (It is a condition where there is a lot of growth hormone in the blood. Gigantism due to the growth of skeletal bones in childhood) and growth in the lower jaw bone in adulthood, increase in the size of hands and feet, and general roughness and facial features of the face. reduces the amount.)
Overexpression of prolactin in men [decreased sperm count, decreased sexual desire and impotence.] Visit us and buy Gynodel domestic very fast and easy. 
Menstrual cycle disorders, infertility in women [elic amenorrhea, very few menstruation (oligomenorrhea) and accompanying breast milk (galactorrhea).]
- The prolactin hormone in the blood may be excessive or normal.
- It may also develop due to some drugs.
Non-prolactin-dependent infertility in womende
- A condition due to multiple cysts in the ovaries (polycystic ovary syndrome)
- Menstrual periods without ovulation (anovulation) (in this case the anti-estrogen class, in addition to drugs that counteract the female hormone)
In cases where breast milk (lactation) should be stopped for medical reasons after pregnancy
- Prevention of lactation after abortion

If you have a history of stomach ulcers and bleeding or have complaints of persistent stomach pain. Come and buy Parlodel domestic very fast and easy. Especially if you have Parkinson's disease and you have frequent complaints such as falling asleep suddenly or if you have any attention deficit during your daily activities, it may be necessary to reduce the dose of Parlodel or stop your treatment.

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