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Proscar (Propecia)

Proscar (Propecia)
Proscar (Propecia)
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Manufacturer: Finasterid Merck & Dohme
Substance: Finasterid
Pack: 30 tabs 5 mg


The active substance of the drug is Finasteride. Proscar is a drug that reduces the prostate gland and relieves urine flow in patients with benign prostate enlargement. Proscar is used to treat benign prostate gland enlargement. This disease occurs only in men. Proscar reduces the enlarged prostate gland in men. Come and buy Proscar domestic from us with safety. If you are allergic to the active ingredient of the drug, it is not recommended to use it.
It is a medication that reduces the prostate gland and relieves urine flow in patients with benign prostate enlargement. It also reduces the DHT level in the skull and blood and prevents the development of hair loss in men.
This medication should never be used by women or children. Visit our store and buy Finasteride domestic very fast and safe. The use of this drug increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. Your doctor should give you tests to make sure you can use this medicine safely.
If you have any abnormalities in your liver disease or liver enzymes tests, problems with the bladder muscle and inability to bladder, inability to urinate or narrow the canal that allows urine to go out of the body and prostate cancer, you should inform your doctor before using this medicine.
You should call your doctor immediately in case of a mass in your chest, discharge from the nipple or pain during the use of the drug. Because these symptoms can be male breast cancer symptoms.

Dosage and usage

You should use it as your doctor prescribed it. During the treatment, please follow your doctor's instructions.
Take each dose of the drug with a glass of water. Take care to take your medicine at the same time every day.

Side effects

Inform your doctor about abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat.
You should tell your doctor if you have any or more of the problems of ejaculation, impotence and reduced desire for sex.

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